Albertinia is named for the Reverend JR Albertyn of the Dutch Reformed Church at Riversdale. He planned the settlement as a Dutch Reformed community centre between Riversdale and Mossel Bay, but he had left the area before the town was established in 1904. The area surrounding Albertinia includes splendid views of the coastline, the Langeberg Mountains and the winding Gourits River. Bird-watchers are frequent visitors and the mild weather also attracts many other holidaymakers. Albertinia is also known as the “Home of the Aloe”, a clue about the character of the natural vegetation of the district.

Adventure And Sport

Gourits River Drift Route: The Gourits River bungee jump has an international reputation and is definitely not for the faint-hearted. Visitors are also offered another adventure option, namely bridge-swinging. It certainly offers a novel angle from which to appreciate the scenery.

Outdoor Activities: The area has many different activities for outdoor enthusiasts, such as 4×4 routes, horse-riding, hiking, fishing, bird-watching, fly-fishing and golf.

Art And Crafts

Potpourrie Kontreiwinkel: The shop sells a wide selection of local arts and crafts all done by local artists and crafters.

Fauna And Flora

Aloes: Albertinia has a large quantity of aloe plants growing in the area. The area near the Vals River Pass is a particularly good spot to see aloes and cycads.

Cape Fynbos: The countryside has some of the best examples of plants belonging to the Cape Fynbos Floral Kingdom. Many of the plants are endemic to the Albertinia region.

Dunes Route: The route passes through the uninhabited Canca Valley, where the famed Albertinia thatching reed is found and is also a great location for viewing proteas and other plants in season.

Game-viewing: There are various nature and game reserves in the area where the “Big Five” have also taken up residence.

Ostriches: A visit to one of the many ostrich farms in the area is a delightful experience. One can learn more about these awkward birds, enjoy lunch or a snack and maybe even attempt to stay on an ostrich for more than a few seconds. The shops also sell various ostrich products and curios.

Rein’s Nature Reserve: This reserve lies some 30 km south of Albertinia and is home to more than 500 species of plants and to animals such as tortoises and Cape mountain zebras. Bird and whale-watchers also frequent the reserve.

History And Architecture

Ancient Fish Traps: These traps date back some 4 000 years, when Khoisan hunters constructed them to add fish to their diet. The traps are still in working condition.

Albertinia High School: Take a walk past the High School that was established in 1908. The school was later extended, but the old buildings can still be seen.

History: To ensure that you do not miss any of the historical sites, arrange to go on a historical tour through the town.

Mission Street: Many of the homes of the founders of the town still stand in this street.

NG (Dutch Reformed) Church: The church was built in 1904 and has an exceptional and unique architectural style.

Other Attractions

Aloe Factories: For centuries, aloes have been used for medicinal purposes and the aloe factories produce products and ingredients used in the health and beauty industry. Guided tours can be organised if arrangements are made in advance.

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