Atteridgeville started life as a township to house the black population who worked in the Pretoria area. The Group Areas Act did not allow the races to live in the same areas. Engage the services of a knowledgeable tour guide to take you through this vibrant area, where people are coming to terms with the past and the present. Atteridgeville is also on the Setso Route and the Struggle and Freedom Route. An important feature of the route are the places that played an important part in the fight for a democratic South Africa.

Cultural/Community Tourism

Atteridgeville Jazz Route Tour: The Atteridgeville Jazz Route Tour is a cultural and entertainment experience not to be missed. There is no music quite like African jazz.

Mandela Village Shebeen Tour: The Mandela Village shebeen tour brings visitors into contact with the people after a hard day at work. It is an enriching alternative to the westernised nightlife of Pretoria. Your experience will be enhanced if you make use of the services of tour guides, since they know the area well and know the best spots to visit.

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