Badplaas is situated at the foothills of the Ndlumudlumu Mountains (“Place of Much Thunder”). Swazi tribes first discovered the natural hot sulphur spring bubbling out of the earth and named it “Emanzana“ (healing waters). Two white hunters later bought the land from the Swazi chief and built a trading store there. They also advertised the healing properties of the water of the spring and attracted many visitors, especially weary gold prospectors from the nearby De Kaap Valley gold diggings.

Adventure And Sport

Diving: The sea may be a long way away but “Badgat” (“Bathing Hole”) near the town promises a diving experience on a par with that offered at many other sites. Divers describe this deep freshwater dive as a spectacular experience.

Hiking: The Shonalanga Nature Trail traverses the nearby forest.

Trout-fishing: Why not try some trout-fishing in one of the mountain pools? Lessons are offered.

Water-sport: The Vygeboom Dam not only supplies water to surrounding towns, it also offers opportunities for water-sport.

Art And Crafts

“Manzana” (Healing Water) Craft Centre: The centre offers superior examples of local art and crafts for sale.

Entertainment And Shopping

Badplaas Spa: Badplaas Spa offers the “healing” and invigorating powers of the hot sulphur water in the various swimming pools in the resort.

Fauna And Flora

Nelshoogte Nature Reserve: This pristine reserve near Badplaas conserves an exceptional middleveld/grasslands environment with its indigenous plants and birds.

Scenic Route: There is a lovely scenic route from Badplaas to Waterval-Boven over the spectacular Skurweberg pass. The Pass’s name refers to its ancient sandstone outcroppings; a rare example of an ancient seabed from the Godwana period and it offers perfect protection to the numerous aloes and stunted yellowwood trees that grow here. This spectacular pass on the very lip of the escarpment is the highest point in this area and offers breathtakingly beautiful views of the gorges, canyons, waterfalls and pools of the Monomotapa flats far below.

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