The town took its name from a salty fountain in the vicinity, the Bitterfontein (“Bitter Fountain”). Despite the foul-tasting water, the area is well known for its lovely wild flowers that bloom from late July to September. The farms around the town are famous for their delicious mutton.

Adventure And Sport

Knersvlakte: There are picnicking and camping areas at the Knersvlakte.

Fauna And Flora

Bird-watching: Several bird species populate the area, including several waders and predators, attracting keen bird-watchers.

Wild flowers: Bitterfontein is known for its annual wild flower show, put on by Mother Nature from late July to September to the wonderment of locals and visitors alike.

Natural Wonders

Bitterfontein Fountain: Bitterfontein Fountain is the fountain that the village was named after. Signs indicate its location.

Other Attractions

Bitterfontein Green: Bitterfontein Green is a green granite found nowhere else in the world. Do not forget to find out more about this rare stone while you are in the area.

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