Carletonville was named after Guy Carleton Jones, one of the mining magnates of the area who brought the well-known Blyvooruitzicht Mine (1937), West Driefontein Mine (1945), Doornfontein Mine (1947) and the Western Deep Levels Mine (1957) into production. The Western Deep Levels Mine, with a depth of 3 581 m, is one of the deepest mines in the world. The town was laid out in 1948 and large green parks and dams were created to make the town as attractive as possible. Yet another mine, the East Driefontein Mine, was later started within the municipal borders.

Adventure And Sport

Hiking: Various hikes and trails are marked out in the Abe Bailey Nature Reserve, where many species of birds and animals may be observed.

Carletonville Pleasure Resort: Visitors are welcome to enjoy the pleasant accommodation offered at the campsite or in the chalets at the Carletonville Pleasure Resort. Angling and bird watching are popular activities.

Fauna And Flora

Abe Bailey Nature Reserve: A visit to the Abe Bailey Nature Reserve, 5 km north of Carletonville, is an outstanding educational, adventure and wildlife experience. The reserve covers an area of 4 200 ha, a terrain that encompasses four different eco-zones — wetland, acacia woodland, acacia bushveld and grassland. Water pumped from local mines created the nearly 400 hectares of “vleis” (marshes) that support some 230 species of birds including waterfowl, flamingoes and fish eagles. The reserve is administered by the Wildlife Society, which conducts an Education Project for schools and other interest groups. The diverse characteristics of the reserve include wide-open spaces, sturdy granite outcrops and permanently green wetlands. The birds are mostly seen in the wetlands, while animals such as black wildebeest, zebra, springbok, hartebeest, duiker and jackal roam the rest of the reserve. The camp has facilities for 45 people and viewing hides have been erected all over the reserve to facilitate game viewing.

History And Architecture

Danie Theron Monument: The Danie Theron Monument stands on the hill where this Boer scout died in 1900 during a brave one-man battle against a detachment of British soldiers.

Ireland-Bergh Memorial Stone and Oosthuizen Monument: These monuments commemorate the mining history of the area. The Oosthuizen family died a tragic death when their house was swallowed up by a sinkhole in 1964.

“Oer” (Ancient) sinkhole: This sinkhole on the Doornfontein mine property is centuries old and is a natural mining phenomenon caused by water erosion over many years.

Other Attractions

Gold Mine Tours: Many of the gold mines, such as Elandsrand, East Driefontein, West Driefontein and Western Deep Levels, offer tours for visitors.

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