White River

Situated 20 km north of Nelspruit in a densely cultivated agricultural and forestry area lies the town of White River. The name of the town refers to the milky (white) colour of the water of the nearby river; resulting from the high kaolin content. White River was established in 1904 by the British Administrator of […]


Richard O’Neill, the owner of the farm Tweefontein (the son of John O’Neill, the owner of the farm at Majuba, at which the Peace Treaty ending the Anglo Transvaal War of 1880 to 1881 had been signed), on which the town was established in 1890, called it after Belfast in Ireland, the ancestral home of […]


The small village of Dullstroom, the fly-fishing capital of South Africa, also has the attraction of fresh air, lovely surroundings decorated with wild flowers and equipped with a strong tourism infrastructure! The town was established in 1883 and the name does not refer to a lack of social activities, but rather to Wolterus Dull, the […]


Lydenburg is situated at the foot of the Long Tom Pass at an altitude of 1 469 m above sea level. The town was founded in 1849 by the Voortrekker leader Andries Pretorius. The name means “Town of Suffering” and refers to the misery suffered by the Voortrekkers as a result of the drought and […]


This small town was established in 1895 and named after General Joachim Jose Machado, in recognition of the role he played in surveying the “Oosterlijn” railway line from Delagoa Bay (present-day Maputo in Mozambique) to Pretoria. Machadodorp became a temporary seat of government for the ZAR government of President Paul Kruger during the Anglo-Boer War […]

Waterval Boven

The area around the Elands River Falls was given the names “Waterval Boven” and “Waterval Onder” These names respectively mean “above the waterfall” and “below the waterfall”. The town of Waterval-Boven is situated “above the falls” and has retained its original Dutch name. Maatschappij” (NZASM) – (Netherlands South Africa Railway Company), which built the railway […]


The town of Waterval-Onder (“Below the Falls”) is situated east of Waterva-Boven, a dizzying 228m lower. Adventure And Sport Fishing: The crystal clear streams and the nearby Elands River offer superb trout, bass and other fishing opportunities. Hiking: The Elandskrans Hiking Trail starts at Waterval-Boven and includes a 30-minute train ride aboard the Oosterlijn Express […]