The small town of Kaapschehoop lies high in the mountains above the De Kaap Valley and is surrounded by the Berlin State Forest. Prospectors dubbed the area “Die Kaap” because the valley was often covered in mist that caused the plateau to stand out like a “cape” (“kaap” in Afrikaans) in a sea of clouds. […]


The name of this town situated between Nelspruit and Kaapmuiden, means “Place of Game”. The nearest “place of game” to the town is the 8 00-ha Mthethomusha Game Reserve with its privately operated Bongani Lodge nearby, adjacent to the Kruger National Park. It is home to the “Big Five” and encloses a diversity of ecosystems. […]


Situated in the lush valley of the Crocodile Valley, Nelspruit (“Nels’ Stream”) is not only the capital city of Mpumalanga but is also the economic centre of the province. The city developed around the station built for the “Oosterlijn”, the railway line to Mozambique. Three brothers, Gert, Louis and Andries Nel, watered their flocks and […]