Danielskuil (“Daniel’s Den”) lies in a particularly attractive setting at the foot of the Kuruman hills, 90 km south of Kuruman. A natural crater near the town reminded a missionary, the Reverend J Campbell, of the story of Daniel as told in the Bible and in 1820, the name of the village was changed from Fraaifontein (“Pretty fountain”) to Danielskuil. The limestone quarry, diamond mining and farming support the town’s population.

Adventure and Sport

Hiking: The farm Mount Carmel has several hiking trails. Hunting: Contact the Northern Cape Hunters’ Association for more information.

History and Architecture

British Fort: During the Anglo-Boer War the British forces built this fort on a hillock outside town.

Natural Wonders

Boesmangat (“Bushman Hole”) sinkhole: One of the attractions on Mount Carmel farm is Boesmansgat, reputed to be the largest and second deepest sinkhole in the world.

Gaol sinkhole: The sinkhole, from which the town derives its name, was once believed to have been used by the Griqua people as a jail. This belief has since been refuted.

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