In 1913, permission was granted for a new church community to be established on Zoutpan Farm. Some 150 church members subsequently bought stands in the area. The town was named after General Koos De La Rey, a well-known Boer leader during the Anglo-Boer War – a tribute to the man and the role the town played in the war.

Adventure And Sport

Angling and water sport: The Barberspan Bird Sanctuary is an internationally acclaimed wetland area, but it is not only birds and bird-lovers that are allowed to enjoy the pan. The pan is divided into two sections, one for angling and one for water sport. Anglers can enjoy the pursuit of such species of fish as carp, barbel and mudfish, and adventurers can indulge in canoeing, water-skiing, windsurfing and boating. Accommodation facilities include two self-catering houses, Flamingo House and Weavers Nest, on the premises and there are several guesthouses in and around the reserve.

Fauna And Flora

Barberspan Bird Sanctuary: The Barberspan Bird Sanctuary is one of the largest waterfowl sanctuaries in South Africa and offers refuge to some 365 species of birds, including rare migrant species. The sanctuary is also home to a small number of antelope, such as steenbok and duiker. Barberspan is RAMSAR accredited and is commonly regarded as a wetland of international importance for migratory birds as well as for waterfowl. Some of the more striking species recorded include the goliath heron, black egret, yellow-billed stork, several species of sandpiper and the South African shell duck. During the summer months, the saltpans are not white, as one would expect, but a vision of pink as thousands of flamingos congregate on them. The sanctuary was once an international birding research station.

The photographer’s hide offers a tranquil hide-away from where the antics of the feathered inhabitants can be committed to memory and film. Anglers and water sport enthusiasts also enjoy the opportunities afforded by the reserve.

Historical Tourism

Bosbult Monument: The Bosbult Monument, which is situated thirty miles from Delareyville, was built to commemorate the Anglo-Boer War battle that was fought at this location.

Tweebosch and De Klipdrift Battlefields: The Anglo-Boer War battlefields of Tweebosch and De Klipdrift are situated near the town.

General De La Rey Statue: A statue of General De La Rey, after whom the town was named, stands in Strydom Square, next to the municipal offices. The Heroes’ Acre, which houses the graves of local people who had fought in several wars, is also in the square.

Rooiwaai Monument: Rooiwaai Monument was erected in memory of the town’s citizens who died in the Anglo-Boer War.

Other Attractions

Earth Satellite Station: This station was erected in 1998 to improve telecommunications in southern Africa.

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