Most motorists regard this little town only as the place where one turns off the N2 main road to reach the Dwesa Nature Reserve, Kobb Inn and Mazeppa Bay. However, the town has several hotels, sporting facilities and a camping site. It is also famous for hosting the ”Abakhwetha” dances that form part of the initiation ceremony of young Xhosa boys.

Willowvale, not far from Idutywa, is the traditional seat of the paramount chief of the Gcaleka. This picturesque little town gets it name from the wild willow trees that once grew in the valleys along the rivers. The road through Willowvale leads to Qora Mouth and Nqabara Point on the Wild Coast.

Adventure And Sport

Golf: Idutywa has its own golf course.

Wild Coast Horse and Hiking Trail: The Dwesa/Cwebe Trail passes through the Dwesa and Cwebe Nature Reserves, a special area enclosing large tracts of indigenous forest, coastal grasslands, rivers and estuaries and abundant game and birds. The trail allows meetings with the local inhabitants and other community-and cultural-based activities. Activities such as birding, canoeing, whale-and dolphin-watching and scuba-diving are possible in certain areas.

Fauna And Flora

Cwebe Nature Reserve: The 2 140-ha Cwebe Nature Reserve encloses forest, grassland and quiet beach areas. Follow the well-marked hiking trails and see a magnificent wonder of nature, the Mbunyana Falls. The lagoons provide a safe haven for many species of water birds, including the majestic fish eagle. Fishing is allowed on Shark’s Island.

Dwesa Game Reserve: This reserve lies on the south side of the Mbashe River, opposite the Cwebe Nature Reserve. Many species of plants found in the Western Cape also grow here. This phenomenon can be explained by the fact that the sea currents deposit many of the plants here. Large game such as rhino, buffalo, antelope, zebra and many different species of birds can be seen in the reserve.

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