Kei Mouth

The village of Kei Mouth was founded during the Frontier Wars to serve as a staging post. The Great Kei River is up to 200 m wide in places and flows into the Indian Ocean. The pontoon at Kei Mouth ferries vehicles across the Great Kei River to the road leading to the Kentani and Willowvale beach resorts. Today, the village boasts numerous hotels, bungalows, caravan sites as well as several shops and a library, indicating its increasing popularity as tourism destination.

Adventure And Sport

Golf: The village has a pleasant nine-hole golf course.

Water sport: Ample opportunities exist to swim, fish, do some river boating and other water sport activities.

History And Architecture

Hazel Jeffries Shell Museum: The museum houses a collection of more than 2 500 shells from all over the world.

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