Elands Bay

Elands Bay

The village of Eland’s Bay and its surrounds is truly picturesque and the nearby lagoon is a popular bird-watching spot. Surfers frequent the the local beaches.

Adventure And Sport

Angling: Sea and fresh water anglers are a common site in Elands Bay. Crayfish can also be caught, but only during the crayfish season and then only once a permit has been obtained.

Adventure Activities: Elands Bay is a popular surfing location, but the area also offers 4×4 routes, as well as mountaineering and mountain-biking opportunities.

Archaeology And Palaeontology

San Rock Art in Eland’s Bay Cave: Eland’s Bay Cave lies a few kilometres from the sea and its rock art dates back 10 000 years. The red handprints on the cave walls have been interpreted as the artist’s wish to enter the spiritual world.

Fauna And Flora

Verlorenvlei: Some 240 different bird species reside at Verlorenvlei (“Lost Marsh”).The waters of Verlorenvlei flow into the Atlantic Ocean.

Whales and dolphins: Visitors can do whale and dolphin-watching from shore, every year from June to November.

Wild flowers: Elands Bay has a rich variety of soil types and every year from late July to September, dormant wild-flower seeds sprout and change the landscape into a floral wonderland.

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