Reputed to be the oldest town in Zululand, it had its origins in 1860 when Cetshwayo gave the Norwegian Missionary Society permission to establish a mission station here. It was proclaimed a magistracy in 1887 when Zululand was annexed by Britain. Eshowe was the capital of Zululand for a few years after the Anglo-Zulu War but has since lost this status.

Culture/Community Tourism

Shakaland: Shakaland, the original film set of a movie on the life of Shaka, hosts tours in the morning and in the late afternoon. The tour starts with an explanation of the layout of a traditional Zulu kraal. Demonstrations of beadwork, pottery and beer-making are included in the tour and visitors may sample some of the beer. The Zulus used to be well known for their skill in making weapons such as spears and shields and these skills are also on display. Spear-throwing and stick-fighting demonstrations are given. Visitors are welcome to use the accommodation facilities and enjoy a wide choice of dishes in the restaurant. However, the highlight of the visit is the traditional Zulu dancing.

Vukani Museum: The Vukani Museum houses examples of Zulu handiwork.

Fauna And Flora

Dlinza Forest: Meaning “gravelike place of meditation”, the 200-ha Dlinza Forest has several pleasant walks and trails. The park also features a boardwalk in the air that allows visitors to see the forest from a bird’s point of view.

Entumeni Nature Reserve: This indigenous forest reserve is home to several different species of birds and animals.

Goedetrouw Public Resort: The resort is a popular spot for angling and picnicking.

History And Architecture

Coward’s Bush Memorial: Coward’s Bush memorial marks the spot where Shaka had defeated soldiers executed. It was also here where those suspected of cowardice were tested.

Fort Nonqayi: Fort Nonqayi was built in 1883 as the barracks of the Reserve Territorial Carbineers, a Zulu Police Force. It houses the Zululand Historical Museum.

KwaBulawayo: Shaka’s KwaBulawayo kraal lies on the crest of a hill.

Ocean View Game Park: The Ocean View Game Park has two memorials commemorating Shaka

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