A town, later to be called Fochville, was proclaimed in 1920 on the Kraalkop and Leeuwspruit farms. The Wulfsohn brothers established the town during the First World War and named it after Marshal Ferdinand Foch, commander-in­chief of the Allied forces in France. Visitors are often struck by the fascinating architecture and the history and tradition that pervades the town.

Fauna And Flora

Bird Farm and the Trout Hatchery: Visits to the Bird Farm and Trout Hatchery are both educational and entertaining.

Piet Viljoen Park: Enjoy a pleasant stroll in the Piet Viljoen Park, a beautifully landscaped garden near the town centre.

History And Architecture

Renosterfontein farm: Visit the Renosterfontein farm to view old Tswana kraals (shelters), a traditional African village and the ruins of a house that once belonged to the brother of the Voortrekker leader Andries Pretorius.

Theron Memorial: The 24m Theron Memorial marks the spot where the Boer hero and scout, Danie Theron, was killed in 1900. The memorial is easily recognisable by its height and distinctive design. The magnificent copper flame symbolises the freedom for which Theron, and others like him, fought so hard.

Tlokwe Ruins: The Tlokwe Ruins, spread out over several hills surrounding the town, are the remains of Tswana and Sotho homesteads. The Matabele chief, Mzilikazi, drove the inhabitants from their homes during the 1820s and 1830s.

Voortrekker Plaque: The Voortrekker Plaque can be viewed a few kilometres south west of the Theron Memorial. It was once a site of an 1842 Voortrekker fort.

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