“Motheo” is the Sotho word for “foundation” or “strong base of a building”, a reference to the fact that this region lies at the centre of the province. Right in the middle of the region lies Bloemfontein, the provincial capital and the judicial capital of South Africa, as well as the business and cultural hub of the Free State. This is the place of golden opportunities, where several political parties saw the light of day and where the population of the province come together to merge into a cosmopolitan community. At night, the city lights form a golden glow on the horizon as locals and visitors revel in the cultural and entertainment opportunities associated with city life.

But Motheo is not only the region where the provincial capital is located, it is also a region of golden fields of wheat and maize, where sheep and catlle graze. Game reserves and private farms where game watching and hunting is allowed, make up the rest of the region. Imagine an area with a city, several small towns and farms where farmers welcome you into their homes and make you feel like one of the family and you will know what Motheo is like.