The name Brakpan means “Brackish Water” and refers to a pan of brackish water on the outskirts of the town. However, the town’s real claim to fame – “Superdump”, the highest mine dump in the world -towers above the town on the Johannesburg/Witwatersrand skyline. This dump has the distinction of being higher than any of the Pyramids in Egypt except the Great Pyramid of Cheops.

In the first half of the twentieth century, Brakpan was granted municipal status and the town prospered as a gold and coal mining centre. Today it uses sophisticated technologies to extract gold and uranium ore from old mine dumps. The town also has a diversified industrial base.


Brakpan Airfield: The Brakpan Airfield is the venue for air shows and various exhibitions throughout the year.

Carnival City: Carnival City is one of the most ambitious and extravagant casino and entertainment complexes in Africa and a popular attraction. It is conveniently close to Johannesburg International Airport.

Fauna And Flora

Dalpark Bird Sanctuary: The Dalpark Bird sanctuary is a safe haven for many different species of birds.

History And Architecture

Dear Jesus Church and Biblical Gardens: The Church and Biblical Gardens are architectural and historical jewels. The petite stone church seats eight people and the gardens are beautiful.

“Strikers” Monument: The “Strikers” Monument on Old Main Reef Road was built to honour the memory of the mine officials and special police who died during the great miners’ strike of 1922.

Voortrekker Centenary Monument: The monument, in Kingsway Avenue, was erected in 1938 to commemorate the Great Trek of 1838 when thousands of Afrikaner Boers left the Cape Colony to trek into the hinterland in search of a new homeland where they could live free from British rule.

World War II Cenotaph: The World War Two cenotaph at Hosking Park, Prince George Avenue, was erected in the Garden of Remembrance to honour those who died during that war.

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