Groblershoop (“Grobler’s hope”) lies to the east of Upington and dates from 1936. Grobler was the Minister of Agriculture of the time. Pioneer farmers settled in the area as far back as the 1870s and agriculture is still the main activity of this part of the Orange River Valley.

Adventure and Sport

Water sport: Since its completion in 1931, Boegoeberg Dam has afforded skiers, motorboat enthusiasts and anglers many hours of fun. The large body of water amidst the red dunes and quiver trees of the Kalahari is a very attractive site at which to relax.

Archaeology and Palaeontology

Fossilised track: The fossilised track at Eselkloupan is very similar to that of a donkey. Make an advance appointment at the tourism office.


Orange River Wine Cellars Cooperative: This is where the “fruit of the vine” ends up, as excellent wines. Wine tasting and tours of the cooperative are on offer.

History and Architecture

Water Turbine: The water turbine on the farm Winstead was imported from England in 1910. Its gears are made of solid oak.

Natural Wonders

Roaring Sands: The white dunes that contrast sharply with the surrounding red Kalahari dunes are also known for the eerie roaring sound that the sands at Brulsand (“Roaring Sands”) make when they are disturbed. Whether you choose to believe the San, who say that it is the spirits of their ancestors making contact or the scientists, who attribute it to the shifting of rounded sand particles, upon hearing this eerie sound a shiver will travel down your spine. A large part of Brulsand is in the southern section of the Witsand Nature Reserve.

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