Hondeklip Bay

The name of this town can be literally translated as “Dog Rock Bay”. Some believe that the town was named after a 5-m-high rock next to the police station that resembles a sitting dog. Another theory is that a pack of wild dogs, which had done a lot of damage to local flocks, were finally killed near this rock.

Many 4×4 enthusiasts, fishermen and divers would nominate this town as their favourite holiday destination. The village harbour serves fishing and diamond boats. Hondeklip Bay is an excellent venue for catching rock lobster and even houses a rock lobster processing plant.

Adventure and Sport

Fishing for crayfish and rock lobster: Permits for diving for crayfish and rock lobster can be obtained at the towns of Springbok and Garies.

4×4 Routes: Explore the scenic coastline and fields of flowers.

History and Architecture

Shipwreck: The wreck of the Aristea is evidence of the dangers of the coast and its hidden rocks, where many a ship has come to its end.

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