The name of this charming little town refers to the sound that cattle make while squelching through mud. It was established in 1878 in the valley of the stream that gave the town its name. It was originally called Stuartstown after the District Magistrate but subsequently changed to Ixopo

Adventure And Sport

Hiking Trails: Various hiking trails traverse the indigenous forests and pass several waterfalls.

Mountain-biking: Biking events are organised by the Town Council.

Historical Tourism

Cecil John Rhodes Memorial: For a short time in 1870 Cecil Rhodes and his brother Herbert cultivated cotton in the Mkomazi Valley. They both then left for the diamond fields of Kimberley where he amassed a fortune and Herbert died a lonely death on the shores of Lake Malawi.

Churches: Both St John the Baptist Anglican Church and the Methodist Church were built over a century ago and are still in use.

Dead Men’s Tree: People used to pin important notices, such as death and funeral notices, on the Dead Men’s Tree outside the Old Post Office.

Goodwill Cross: The Goodwill Cross was planted to promote goodwill amongst the townsfolk. The illuminated cross can be seen at night from a long distance.

Marienthal Mission: The mission was founded in 1887 and is a few kilometres north of Ixopo.

Off Saddle Hotel: The Off Saddle Hotel, established in 1878, is the country’s oldest licensed hotel. It has been known by its present name since the day it opened.

Old Agricultural Hall: A bank now occupies the charming oOld Agricultural Hall.

Sundial: An old sundial can be seen in the grounds of the magistrate’s court.

Other Attractions

Buddhist Retreat Centre: This tranquil Buddhist retreat has a semi-monastic atmosphere and offers workshops in Buddhist meditation, philosophy, psychology and allied disciplines.

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