Kanoneiland (Canon Island)

Kanoneiland is a settlement on the largest island in the Orange River Valley ­the biggest river settlement in the country. In 1928, a group of 52 private settlers began to clear the island for cultivation. The irrigation scheme in the area supports the lush vineyards that are truly magnificent to look at. In winter, due to the low level of the water, the island looks like a series of vineyards on dry land.

However, come the rainy season, it is quite a different story. The islanders sometimes have to put up barrages to prevent the water from flooding the island. Fortunately the living quarters have been built on the highest parts of the island and the islanders’ homes are generally safe. Guided tours of the island are an experience not to be missed and groups of up to 20 people at a time can be catered for. Enjoy the traditional meals of the islanders and with them, of course, the locally-produced wines.

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