The village of Keimoes probably owes its name and its attractiveness to the local fountain. Keimoes is said to be a combination of the Nama words “gei” (great) and “mus” (fountain). However, some people believe that Klaas Lucas, a Koranna leader, gave this name to the colony that he established on the banks of the Orange River when he discovered that a colony of mice was already living there. In the language of the Koranna the word “Keimoes” means “Mouse nest”.


Orange River Wine Cellars Cooperative: The cooperative’s largest distillery in the lower Orange River Valley lies on the slopes of the Tierberg mountain. Enjoy the wine-tasting tour of the facility, as well as the lovely views.

Fauna and Flora

Tierberg Nature Reserve: This reserve, 4 km from the town, includes Tierberg (“Tiger Mountain”), which affords the visitor with a magnificent view of the Orange River Valley, its islands and irrigation scheme. The reserve comprises 160 ha and is home to several species of antelope and indigenous flora that explode into riotous colour in spring. Late winter surprises us with a prodigious show of aloes in flower.

History and Architecture

Dutch Reformed Mission Church: The Reverend Schroder built the church in 1889. The church is in Main Road.
Persian Waterwheel: A reconstructed waterwheel is still in use on an irrigation canal along Main Road.

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