Kosi Bay

The entire Kosi Bay is part of the Kosi Bay Nature Reserve, a pristine wilderness area that contains the Kosi Bay Estuary and lake system (consisting of four lakes). It is the only place in the country where all six mangrove tree species are found and it has the largest stand of naturally-occurring raffia palms in South Africa.

Adventure And Sport

Angling: As the entire Kosi Bay is a reserve, the “tag and release” method of angling is encouraged. Angling takes place from boats, though shore-angling is permitted from within the confines of the campsite.

4×4 Trails: The mouth of the lake system can only be reached by 4×4 vehicles.

Hiking: A four-day hiking trail leads around the four lakes.

Scuba-diving and Snorkelling: The reef inside the mouth of the lake system is a popular attraction for divers and snorkellers.

Culture/Community Tourism

Fish Kraals or Traps: Laid in the Kosi Estuary not far from the mouth, these kraals are used to trap fish, a major source of nourishment for the Tembe tribespeople. Proof has been found in various places that this method of catching fish has been used for hundreds of years. Today, this method is only practised in the Kosi Estuary.

Fauna And Flora

Bird Life: The bird life of the reserve is varied and includes recorded sightings of palmnut vultures, livingstone’s louries, African finfoot, Pel’s angling owl, and mangrove kingfishers.

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