Kranskop was founded in 1894 and first named Hopetown. As there was already a town of that name in the Great Karoo, the name of the town was changed to Kranskop. Hundreds of wide-eyed prospectors once descended on the settlement in search of fame and fortune. Unfortunately, the ‘gold’ turned out to be iron pyrites or “fool’s’ gold”. Since then, 17 different minerals have been discovered in the region. The town overlooks the Tugela (Thukela) River, which once formed the boundary between Zululand and the Colony of Natal.

Adventure And Sport

White-water Rafting: Shoot the rapids down the Thukela Gorge.

Culture/Community Tourism

Ntunjambili Rock: Ntunjambili Rock (“the rock with two openings”) is central to Zulu folklore. The stories say that the tribe’s maidens, weary of carrying water up from the river, used to murmur “iTshe lika Ntumjambili – let me come into your house”. A giant cavern in the mountain would open and allow them to enter what seemed to be a wonderland. But it always turned into a prison from which there was no escape, and the sobbing of the maidens may be heard on a quiet day, lingering around the face of the precipice like a sigh. The rock is also an ideal place for spotting birds of prey.

History And Architecture

Fort Buckingham: The remains of the fort can be seen close to the town.

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