Peter Smith owned the farm on which the town is situated and named it after his Scottish hometown when it was established in 1882. The rich coal deposits attracted a large population to the area, and in 1899 Smith floated the Dundee Coal Company on the London Stock Exchange. Dundee became a boom town, complete with graceful homes and the first theatre north of Port Natal (Durban).

Adventure And Sport

Hiking Trails: Hikers may choose from a number of trails such as the Isandlwana, Talana, Mpati, Oribi, Monks, Fort Mistake, Spring Marsh, Cannibal and Black Eagle Trails. These trails will allow you to enjoy the magnificent beauty of the area while learning more about its history.

Archeology And Palaeontology

Iron Age Smelting Site: The Smelting Site in the Dundee Area dates from the Iron Age.

San Rock Paintings: San people first moved into this area approximately 2000 to 4000 years ago. Signs of their occupation are still to be found in various caves and rock shelters in the area.

Art And Crafts

Baskets from Africa: Local Zulu women practise the ancient craft of making baskets from grasses, twigs, barks and other plant materials. These lovely and practical articles are sold at various venues in the area.

Mlaba Curios: Mlaba Curios sell several different types of craftwork and curios as fitting mementoes of your visit to the area.


Farmers Brewery: This brewery on the banks of the Hattingspruit Dam produces traditional Austrian and German brews.

History And Architecture

Blood River/Ncome Battlefield: The Battle of Blood River was fought between the Boers and the Zulus in December 1838. A life-size laager (circle of ox-wagons) on the site commemorates the battle and the Ncome Museum relates the story of the battle. The site is about 48 km north east of Dundee.

Boswells Building: Originally the Biggarsberg Unity Lodge, Boswells is the last remaining pre¬1900s theatre in the province. Built in 1898, it is now a national monument.

Historical Churches: There are various historical churches in the area, including St James Anglican Church (see the graves of Anglo-Boer War victims), the AGS Church (used as a hospital during the Anglo-Boer War), the Trinity Presbyterian Church and the Dutch Reformed Church (designed by the well-known architect Gerhard Moerdyk).

Hindu Temple: Mahatma Gandhi worshipped in this temple, erected in 1910, during his Passive Resistance Campaign.

Isandlwana Battlefield: The Battle of Isandlwana, fought during the Anglo-Zulu War of 1879, was a major defeat for the British. White cairns mark the graves of the British soldiers who lost their lives to the Zulu warriors. This battlefield is approximately 80 km from Dundee.

Mahyeno Mission Station: The Lutheran Mahyeno Mission Station, formerly the Betania Mission, Church and printing shop was used as a hospital during the Battle of Talana in the Second Anglo-Boer War (1899 to 1902).

Magistrate’s Court: The Magistrates Court, opened in 1905, is the only building in South Africa to bear the royal crest of King Edward VII.

Maria Ratschitz Mission: The Maria Ratschitz Mission was constructed by Trappist monks towards the end of the nineteenth century.

MOTH Museum: The MOTH (Memorable Order of the Tin Hat) Museum houses a noteworthy collection of war memorabilia.

Rorkes Drift Battlefield and Museum: The Battle of Rorkes Drift, fought immediately after the defeat at Isandlwana, was a victory for the British. The greatest number of Victoria Crosses (Britain’s highest award for bravery) ever won in a single engagement, were won in the defence of Rorkes Drift. The site is situated approximately 42 km from Dundee.

Talana Museum: The Talana Museum is situated on a segment of the battlefield of Talana and details the history of the Anglo-Boer War. Fought on 20 October 1899, the clash at Talana was the first between the British and Boers during the Anglo-Boer War.

Woodside Victorian House: Woodside is an old Victorian home owned by one of the founding members of Blaikie Johnstone. It still contains the original Victorian fireplaces, floor tiles imported from England, iron-moulded ceilings and original fittings.

Fauna And Flora

Isibindi Eco Reserve: The reserve offers facilities for abseiling and white-water rafting. Several different types of game inhabit the reserve and the traditional Zulu Village presents an opportunity to learn more about Zulu culture.

Other Attractions

Consol Glass Factory: The Consol Glass Factory is one of the oldest glass factories in the country still in existence. Visit any supermarket and you will be certain to pick up a few glass containers manufactured here.

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