The central and northern region of KwaZulu-Natal is known as the Battlefields. Although the surroundings are both beautiful and tranquil, the splendour hides a tumultuous past. The region offers year-round sunshine, rolling green hills, typical African thorn-bush, deep valleys and breathtaking wildlife. Little wonder the Zulu nation believed this to be their “Heaven on Earth”.

Starting in the late nineteenth century, the region saw a series of bitter and bloodthirsty battles that spanned the next approximately 100 years. Nearly all groups who lived in the area contributed to its warring past. Spear-wielding Zulu armies, Boer commandos utilising

guerrilla tactics and British forces with superior firepower all fought here at one time or another to establish their supremacy.

Many visitors are drawn to the sites where the groups fought each other and various museums and monuments help tell the stories of the battles. Visits to the historic towns in the region also bring one into contact with a wealth of cultural traditions and world-class cuisine. A tour of the region can be a self-drive experience or can be undertaken as a member of a tour group in the company of accredited local guides.