The beautiful North Coast region stretches from Port Zimbali just north of Durban to the Thukela River. The large number of bottlenose dolphins that travel up and down the coast all year round has caused this section of KwaZulu-Natal to be referred to as the Dolphin Coast. Along the coastline and further inland, this region has some spectacular natural wonders that attract thousands of holidaymakers every year.

The golden beaches, rock pools and breathtaking bays vie with the rolling green hills wrapped in endless fields of sugar cane and subtropical growth for popularity.

The North Coast is not only a playground for worshippers of the sun, it is also steeped in ancient history. This is the land for which King Shaka had fought, the land on which the Zulu empire was united and where handmaidens of the Royal Household gathered salt from tidal pools. Shaka’s spirit still embodies this land and it is the spiritual home of the proud Zulu people.

But the land no longer belongs to the Zulus only. The cultures of the colonial explorers, French Mauritian sugar-cane farmers and labourers from the Indian sub-continent have merged with the Zulu culture to create a multicultural society where all visitors are welcome and all traditions honoured.