The discovery of the natural harbour of Durban dates back to Christmas Day 1497, when Portuguese seafarers, on their way to the Portuguese colonies in the east, named it “Rio de Natal” (the River of Christmas). European settlement in the area dates back to 1823 when a group of white settlers joined the indigenous Zulu people as inhabitants of the area.

Durban, the focal point of the region is the busiest port in Africa and the third largest city in South Africa. In addition to its importance as sea port, the city teems with entertainment opportunities, history and culture and its beaches have never lost their appeal.

Durban and the surrounding area is one of the most popular holiday destinations in South Africa. Every year holidaymakers in search of sun, sea and fun come here to enjoy all the natural wonders the area has to offer. The temperature of the water is comfortable, the beaches are clean and inviting and the towns are visitor-friendly. And for those who crave a little diversity, the lush vegetation covering the hills of the region present other options.