The Alldays area stretches from the Limpopo River in the north to Vivo in the south, to Waterpoort in the east and to the Mogalakwena River (meaning “River of Fierce Crocodiles”) in the west. This small town blends in well with the surrounding Bushveld with its many game farms. Hunters and nature enthusiasts are the main visitors to the area and they often profess themselves enchanted by the simple charm of Alldays. Magnificent trees, such as baobabs, wild fig trees and nyala trees decorate the surrounding area.

Adventure And Sport

Blouberg (“Blue mountain”) Range: The range has a large area of protected solid rock wall — ideal for rock climbing. Most of the climbing spots are on private land but climbers can make arrangements through the local mountain club.

Hunting: Hunters frequent the game farms that offer them both the thrill of the chase and luxurious lodges to cater to their every need. Most of the lodges organise tours to other attractions of the area which might be of interest to the hunters’ wives.

Archaeology And Palaeontology

Mapungubwe: Mapungubwe is a World Heritage Site and has yielded one of the richest archaeological finds in Africa. The site is in the Vhembe-Dongola Transfrontier Park near the confluence of the Shashe and Limpopo rivers. Excavations carried out in the 1930s uncovered a graveyard of 23 graves, some of which contained a number of gold artefacts. One of the gold artefacts found at Mapungubwe is the “Golden Rhino”, regarded by many as the symbol of the African Renaissance. Other objects include gold anklets and bangles, a sceptre and a gold bowl. These objects prove that there was already trade between this Southern African community and East Africa, Persia, Egypt, India and China some 800 years ago. Visits to the site can be arranged, although the newly established Vhembe-Dongola Transfrontier Park does not yet have a fully developed infrastructure. Visits should be arranged with the National Parks Board well in advance. As the area is quite hot in summer (November to February), visitors are advised to visit during the colder winter months (April to August).

San Rock Art: The Machete site is one of the most important sites of its kind open to the public in South Africa. There are more than 300 paintings at this site that also includes over 12 different species of animals. Images of the kudu, an antelope that is indigenous to the area, abound. Other rare images are those of what appear to be a tree and a springhare. Have a good look at the ceiling and at the fallen rocks inside the shelter. Machete Farm, where this site is located, lies close to the confluence of the Limpopo and Shashe rivers, in the same area as that of Mapungubwe. People are not allowed to drive to the site. It is, however, possible to accompany the owners (by prior arrangement only) on weekend nature walks. Self-catering cottages that accommodate six are available.

Entertainment And Shopping

Citrus Farms: The citrus orchards of the area create some impressive views. It is difficult to decide which is the prettiest to look at: the trees covered in blossoms or those laden with fruit.

Fauna And Flora

Bandur Safaris Lions: If you are really interested in lions and would love the opportunity to see them at close range, visit Bandur Safaris.

Giant Trees: The many giant trees that grow in the area have become a popular attraction. A baobab tree at Bakleikraal has an incredible circumference of some 21 m and a nyala tree in Alldays covers a huge surface area of 100 square metres.

Pontdrift Border Post: The border post between South Africa and Botswana lies some 60 km from the town. Visitors are often taken across the river to watch the game in Botswana’s Tuli Block, particularly the elephants.

Ratho and Parma Crocodile Farms: These farms lie some 60 km from Alldays. See the ancient hunters of the Limpopo River, some 4 000 of them, in their natural habitat. The curio shop sells articles fashioned from the distinctive crocodile skins.

Tshwarelano Reserve: This reserve near Alldays protects several species of big game. Day and night game-viewing tours and walking trails are available.

History And Architecture

“Die Gat”: (“The hole”) is renowned for its artistic historic buildings of stone and wood inlays. Enjoy a drink while you admire the beautiful scenery.

Pont: the remnants of the ferry that was once used to transport elephant hunters across the Limpopo can still be seen.

Other Attractions

Salt pans: Tons of salt are processed at the nearby salt pans, which in the past were regularly visited by elephants from Botswana to satisfy their craving.

Venetia Diamond Mine: This mine is currently the largest diamond producer in the country. It is the first major diamond mine to have been developed in the last 25 years. Apart from contributing to the wealth of its workers, the mine also plays an active part in the preservation of the environment. Highly informative mine tours are conducted on request.

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