This small village was once the capital of Gazankulu, the former homeland of the Shangaan/Tsonga tribes. In many ways, it still resembles a friendly traditional village.

Adventure And Sport

Hiking: The 4-km Giraffe Trail meanders through the Manombe Nature Reserve.

Nsami Dam: The peaceful dam and its surrounds north-east of the village are ideal for picnicking and for several forms of water-sport.

Fauna And Flora

Manombe Nature Reserve: Manimbe lies close to the Kruger National Park and is only 4 km east of Giyani. The reserve is in a particularly beautiful mountainous area and overlooks the Nsami Dam. The rugged landscape is home to colourful indigenous bird species, several species of antelope, as well as blue wildebeest, zebra and giraffe. Manombe also boasts an environmental centre with an exhibition on the culture and customs of the Tsonga people.

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