The Cosmos Region is named for the colourful cosmos flowers that carpet the open grasslands in late summer; when masses of these pink, purple and white “exotic weeds” pop up in all their bountiful splendour. A less decorative description of the region is the “energy belt” referring to the abundance of power stations that supply energy to most of the countries in Southern Africa. The region depends strongly on its mining enterprises and numerous coal-mines supply the various power stations with coal. It is also the centre of crude oil production in Southern Africa.

Despite its serious industrial activities, this mostly highveld region with its open grasslands, “vleis” (small marshes) and low hills dotted with scrub, long grass and thorn bushes boasts a number of excellent adventure, water-sport and bird-watching venues.

Industrial photographers frequent the region to capture shots of huge power-generating plants and grain silos standing forlornly against the backdrop of kilometres of flat, open grassland and low hills.