September heralds spring, the time when wild flowers bloom all over the countryside of this region. The grasslands and wetlands boasts more than 100 endemic species of plants, including more than 60 orchid species and the colourful pink, white and purple cosmos “weed” that so brighten the roadside during the late summer and early winter months.

The region is a combination of mountainous grasslands and a high plateau (water) pan, lake and “vlei” area. The numerous lakes and pans such as Chrissiesmeer, South Africa’s largest freshwater lake, make up the wetlands areas of the region. The wetlands entice hundreds species of birds including some 20 000 flamingos to the area for the viewing pleasure of avid bird-watchers. Enjoy a spot of “frogging” and stargazing while you are here.

However, flowers and birds are not the only attractions of this region; see the evidence of the fierce battle once fought here and the influence of the previous inhabitants in the form of San rock art and the 1 000-year-old ruins of homes as a stark reminder of their presence. The region borders KwaZulu-Natal, the Free State and the Kingdom of Swaziland.