Garankuwa was founded on a communal cattle-grazing farm. Today it has developed into a fully-fledged town that supports a large population. Medunsa, the only university in South Africa dedicated solely to medical training, and the Garankuwa Hotel & Catering Training Centre are in the area.

Fauna And Flora

Borakalalo National Park: The name of the Borakalalo National Park near Jericho means ‘place of relaxation’. What a perfect way to describe the 15 000 ha woodland and open bush land flanked by the Moretele River. Within the reserve animals that have long since vanished from the area have been reintroduced into their natural. Inhabitants of the reserve include elephant, leopard, jackal, aardwolf, zebra and otter. The Park also sustains as many as 350 species of Bird.

Kokoriba Game Reserve: The small Kokoriba Game Reserve near Jericho offers comfortable accommodation and walks for those who would like to explore the area on foot.

Tswaing Crater

History And Architecture

Tswaing Crater Museum: The Tswaing Crater Museum is a satellite museum of the South African National Cultural History Museum. The crater was formed when a meteorite collided with the earth some 220 000 years ago. Beautiful treed grass fields surround the crater and numerous animal species roam the area. The museum at the site displays interesting artefacts such as tools and weapons that were used in the area during the Stone Age. Avid hikers enjoy exploring the area.

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