The Central Region is characterised by dense, uncultivated thorny bushveld vegetation. It borders southern Botswana and the arid Kalahari Desert of the Northern Cape. Fairly flat and dry in the west and more ‘bushy’ towards the east, the region offers opportunities for game viewing, bird watching, hunting, sport and much, much more. The open spaces offer infinite solitude and peace, interrupted only by the rustling of an animal in the grass. The cultivated land is mainly covered in fields of maize and sunflowers.

The history of the area is particularly fascinating to people interested in the Anglo-Boer War, which was fought between 1899 and 1902. Other attractions include Mampoer tours (Mampoer is a traditional alcoholic beverage with a high alcoholic content that is distilled from fruit), San rock art sites and cultural events such as Herman Charles Bosman (a famous South African writer) recreational weekends. Charming guesthouses and guest farms offer ample opportunity to sit back and relax, rest and be spoilt.

The Central Region is the homeland of the Tswana people. Visitors can learn about the Tswana history and culture by visiting the various traditional cultural villages, some of which date back to a time when the Tswana were part of chiefdoms such as the Barolong and the Matebele.

Mafikeng, “The city of goodwill” is situated near the Botswana border and is the capital of the region, as well as the provincial capital.