An unusual name for an unusual place. This small village is run as a Catholic mission station. On account of its efficient irrigation system it is a little green oasis in the middle of the surrounding dry landscape. The origin of the name Onseepkans has been the cause of much speculation. It could be a derivative of the Nama word for “watering place for cattle”. It could also be a combination of three Nama words meaning “an elbow projecting into the river”, “a rocky surface” and “thorn trees”. Irrigation started here as long ago as 1916 and today crops such as lucerne, beans and citrus are grown in the area.

Adventure and Sport

Hiking: A four to five-day hiking trail runs from Pella to Pofadder through Onseepkans but it is only open from 1 May to 30 September.

Fauna and Flora

Quiver Tree Forest: A grove of these lovely succulent trees can be seen on Cocoob farm.

Natural Wonders

Ritchie Falls: These falls are in the only part of the Orange River where the river flows from west to east. The falls can only be reached on foot and are on the Pofadder Hiking Trail.

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