Paul Roux

In 1909, the Reverend Paul Roux, a firebrand minister of the Dutch Reformed Church, who had been a general during the Anglo-Boer War, founded the town. The town, in the Sand River Valley, is surrounded by typical Eastern Free State sandstone cliffs, the source of the sandstone used in many of the buildings in the town. The town also produces poplar wood for the safety match industry. Paul Roux is the birthplace of one of South Africa’s Prime Ministers, Mr PW Botha.

Adventure And Sport

Hiking: Hiking trails have been marked out on the farms Vingerpol and Holhoek, where hikers can view old Sotho dwellings dating back to 1815, as well as the hollow cliff where President PW Botha’s mother and other Boer women sought refuge from the British during the Anglo-Boer War. The only hiking trail for disabled persons in the Free State has been established on Holhoek farm. The 5-km trail is accessible to wheelchairs.

Archaeology And Palaeontology

Dinosaur footprints: Dinosaur footprints were discovered on a farm in the area, proving that these extinct giants once roamed the area.


African textiles: The Africa textile and material factory between Paul Roux and Senekal sells materials with exquisite African motives and designs.

Open-Air Museum: The Open-Air Museum has a large collection of yesteryear’s farming implements.

Semi-precious stones: An extensive collection of semi-precious stones can be seen at the Dutch Reformed Church. Members of the congregation collected stones from all over the world and used them to establish a rock garden on the church property.

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