The small village of Piketberg lies against the Piketberg Mountains, surrounded by wheat fields, vineyards, fruit-farms and fields of fynbos. Its name, which means “Outpost Mountain”, dates back to the period when an outpost was established here by the Dutch to curb the cattle-rustling activities of the Khoi.

Adventure And Sport

Hiking: There are several hiking routes in the area, including the 3-km Boesmanskloof Hike and the Moonstruck Hike that pass interesting rock formations and caves where San rock paintings can be seen. Both these routes are on Excelsior Farm.

Horseback Trails: Several farms organise horseback expeditions. They allow visitors to appreciate the local variety of bird life.

Canoeing: The Berg River is an extremely well-known canoeing venue. The Berg River Canoe Marathon is a major sporting event that is held annually.

Outdoor Activities: The area offers many scenic walks, mountain trails on the Piketberg Mountains and 4×4 routes. The Piketberg Mountains boast some breathtaking views and there are several camping facilities on the mountain range.

Archaeology And Palaeontology

San Rock Paintings: Well-preserved San rock paintings may be seen in rock shelters on the farms Bushman’s Hollow, Langberg, Bangkop and Staelklip.


Table Grapes: The farms surrounding Piketberg grow several different types of table grapes of very high quality that are exported to Europe.

Winkelshoek Wine Cellar: Winkelshoek Wine Cellar stores and sells all the wines originating from the vineyards of the Swartland Wine Route. Another popular product of the cellar is the local brandy.

Fauna And Flora

Fynbos on Bergskeur Farm: The magnificent indigenous fynbos and protea vegetation of the Bergskeur Farm is truly lovely. The farm’s location on top of a mountain adds to the attraction.

Versveldpass: Versveldpass leads to the Piketberg Mountain Plateau. The pass was first built in 1899 by hand, without the use of dynamite. The Pass has since been upgraded several times and the tarred road up the winding pass offers a picturesque view over the area.

History And Architecture Cannon: The cannon at Piketberg High School was once used to warn residents of approaching Khoisan raiders.

Dutch Reformed Church: Carl Otto Hager designed the Dutch Reformed Church in Neo-Gothic style. The church was declared a national monument in 1978. A monument to commemorate the centenary of he Great Trek was erected in 1938 in the Church grounds.

Jewish Synagogue: The Jewish synagogue in Kerk Street was built in 1925 and was bought by the municipality in 1970.

Old Graveyard: Situated in Die Trek Street is the Old Graveyard. Some of the graves date back to the seventeenth century. Most of the graves are those of Jewish families and of British casualties of the Anglo-Boer War.

Piketberg Museum: The Piketberg Museum houses a collection of historical items dating back to the town’s origin in 1880, as well as an Anglo-Boer War exhibition.

Other Attractions

Agricultural show: Every year, towards the end of August, Piketberg hosts an agricultural show.

PiketKo: PiketKo is a large citrus storage facility. Tours are conducted during working hours.

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