The original Koranna name, “Prieskab” means “Place of the lost she-goat”. It lies on the south bank of the Orange River, at the foot of the Doringberg (“Thorn Mountain”) and was a popular campsite for hunters and travellers during the 19th century. The town was founded in 1882 and is renowned for the many types of semi-precious stones (especially tiger’s eye) found in the area.

Adventure and Sport

Hiking: Explore the Doringberg along the Oranjezicht and T’Keikamspoort hiking trails, approximately 10 km south of the town.

Hunting: Contact the Northern Cape Hunters’ Association for more information.

Archaeology and Palaeontology

Schumann Rock Collection: This collection of semi-precious stones and ancient San stone implements is housed in the Municipal Offices.

San Rock Art: There are rock art sites on the farms Cypher, Kleindoring, Omdraaisvlei, Poortjie, Uitdraai and Wonderdraai.

Fauna and Flora

Ria Huysamen Aloe Garden: A vast selection of succulents, including the halfmens (“half human”) (also called the elephant trunk plant) grows in the garden. The tallest of these specimens is believed to be centuries old.

Die Bos Nature Reserve: Enjoy a picnic whilst listening to the songs of the multitude of birds that live along the Prieska River. Several suspended bridges have been built across the river, making for some hairy crossings. The reserve is also an ideal spot for anglers.

History and Architecture

Anglo-Boer War Fort: The British troops built the entire fort on the Prieska hillock with unprocessed tiger’s eye.

Memorial Garden: Visit the graves of British soldiers who died during the Anglo-Boer War.

Prieska Museum: The displays in the museum summarise the history of the area.

Natural Wonders

“Wonder Draai” (Wonder Bend) Island in the Orange River, is shaped like a horseshoe. The “wonder” lies in the fact that the river bends here in such a way that the river appears to be flowing uphill.

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