Randburg is a relatively young but rapidly growing urban and business development area, just northwest of Johannesburg. It is a popular area for young couples to build their careers and make their homes.

Adventure And Sport

Golf: The Randpark Golf Club has the largest membership in the country and, with 36 holes, is also one of the country’s largest courses.

Wall Climbing: The SA Climb Inn, at Kya Sands in Kya Sands Road, has a huge indoor climbing gym and set of graded walls, some as high as 10,5 metres. If the mountain will not come to you, go to Kya Sands.

Art And Crafts

Art Gallery: The Art Gallery in the Municipal Building exhibits a selection of contemporary South African art. The gallery is opened on request.

Fauna And Flora

Norscot Koppies Nature Reserve: The reserve features some rocky granite koppies (hillocks) and an open water area frequented by several species of birds. Other attractions of the reserve include its diverse vegetation and signs of early settlers. Next to the reserve is a waterfowl reserve which can be explored along a 1,5-km hiking trail.

History And Architecture

Kleinjukskei Motor Museum: The Kleinjukskei Motor Museum on Witkoppen and Selbourne Roads houses the largest private collection of vintage cars in South Africa.

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