Richards Bay

Richards Bay is named for Admiral Sir Frederick Richards, Chief of the West African Station of the Royal Navy at the time of the Anglo-Zulu War in 1879. It began as a makeshift harbour during the Anglo-Zulu War and has since grown into one of the largest harbours in the country. The town and its surroundings offer magnificent wetland scenery.

Adventure And Sport

Beaches: The beaches along the coastline allow many opportunities for bathing, surfing, angling and sunbathing.

Water-sports: The eternal summer coupled with the warm Indian Ocean makes this a popular spot among jet-skiers and sailboat enthusiasts.

Entertainment And Shopping

Tuzi Gazi Waterfront: The Waterfront development lies right on the harbour. Several companies offer boat trips out to sea or visitors can relax at one of the restaurants while they watch the colourful sailboats bob up and down. Schools of jellyfish sometimes come into the harbour, perhaps to do some sightseeing of their own.

Fauna And Flora

Bay Crocodile Sanctuary: The sanctuary is a haven for a wide variety of wildlife, including vervet monkeys and birds such as fish eagles, black cranes, African jacanas and herons. Visitors can explore this refuge on a 500-m raised boardwalk.

Richards Bay Game Reserve: Richards Bay Game Reserve was established with the express purpose of protecting lagoon animals such as aquatic birds, hippos and crocodiles.

Other Attractions

Industrial Tourism: The town has a very strong industrial sector and guided tours detailing the growth of the town will enable visitors interested in industrial tourism to appreciate the lessons learnt over the last few decades. Large companies such as Richards Bay Mineral, Billiton and Portnet offer tours of their facilities.

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