The name of the town is a combination of the surnames of Capt CA Schweizer and Field Cornet CM Reneke. Both these men died in 1885 in a battle against an indigenous tribe, the Korannas, in 1885. Schweizer-Reneke is surrounded by a contrasting landscape – large tracts of untamed bushveld, as well as by cultivated maize and sunflower fields.

Adventure And Sport

Water sport at Wentzel Dam: Wentzel Dam is a popular entertainment centre, both by day and by night. Swimming, picnicking, fishing, water-skiing and the playground can be enjoyed during the day and dances are often held at night.

Archaeology And Palaeontology

San Rock Art: Prime examples of San rock art are to be found 2 km north-east of town off the Delareyville Road. They are believed to be over 2 000 years old.

Fauna And Flora

Hartzhoogte Game Farm: Hartzhoogte (Heart’s Height) lies near Amalia and offers an exceptional bush experience. The accommodation facilities include chalets with air-conditioning and the attractions include swimming, hiking and game viewing.

History And Architecture

Historical Monuments: The town has erected several monuments in celebration of historic events. The Voortrekker (Cape Dutch Pioneers) Monument, built in 1938, was part of the Great Trek centenary celebrations. The Memorial Library has displays in honour of World War I victims.

Kliphuisie Guesthouse: This guest house is a national monument and was the site of the town’s first police station.

Massoukop: At Massoukop, the historical attraction is two-fold: the remains of Koranna Kraals (shelters) as well as of the British “cheese mats” (where the British stored bombs during the Second Anglo-Boer War), are both tourist attractions.

Town Bank Building: This building was built in the early 1900s and the facade of the building has remained almost completely unaltered.

Town Hall: The Town Hall, in itself of great architectural value, houses a historical photographic collection.

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