St Lucia

St Lucia itself is a small holiday town but its great attraction lies in the wetlands, swamps, mangroves, lagoons and the estuarine system around the town. Fishermen and nature lovers sing its praises and keep coming back. The St Lucia Wetlands is one of South Africa’s World Heritage Sites, in recognition of its vast natural resources. Lake St Lucia comprises the largest estuarine system in the country and many of the animal and plant species that can be seen here, are found nowhere else in the world.

Adventure And Sport

Angling: The St Lucia coast is a world-renowned angling spot. Mission Rocks is a popular spot for saltwater fly-fishing. There are also numerous launching points for boats up and down the coast.

St Lucia Wilderness Trail: The trail is an exciting four-night, three-day meander through the Greater St Lucia Wetland Park.

Art And Crafts

St Lucia Craft Market: Local people sell their skilfully crafted works, such as baskets, beadwork, pottery and woodcarvings at the St Lucia Craft Market.

Fauna And Flora

Crocodile Centre: The Crocodile Centre takes an educational and informative look at these prehistoric giants and visitors will leave with a feeling of respect and awe after having faced such ancient cunning and solid strength. The centre also features a breeding programme for two endangered African species, namely the dwarf and long-snout crocodiles.

Greater St Lucia Wetland World Heritage Site: The Greater St. Lucia Wetland Park is without equal. It encompasses five different ecosystems and includes the following reserves: St Lucia Marine Reserve, St Lucia Game Reserve, Sodwana State Forest, Sodwana Bay National Park, Nyalazi State Forest, Dukuduku State Forest, Mfolozi Swamp Forest and the Mihobi Nature Reserve. This 250 000-ha conservation area stretches to Sodwana Bay in the north and is home to an unbelievable number of species of plants, animals and birds. The wildlife includes buffalo, hippo, black rhino, kudu, humpback whales, dolphins, flamingos, fish eagles, Nile crocodiles, endangered sea turtles and a large number of amphibians.

Lake St. Lucia: Guided tours of Lake St Lucia allow the best views of the water birds who live in the area.

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