The quiet small town of Stilbaai is also known amongst the locals as the “Bay of Sleeping Beauty”. This is another of those names that stimulate the imagination to speculate about its origins. The answer to this puzzle may be quite simple and it probably simply refers to the natural beauty of the town’s setting that includes exceptional limestone formations and natural springs.

Adventure And Sport

Water-sport: The area surrounding Stilbaai provides wonderful opportunities for water-sport and other outdoor activities, such as angling, river ferry trips, swimming, cycling, horse-riding, 4×4 routes, surfing, diving, camping and various sports.

Fynbos 4×4 Farm Route: The 4×4 route allows visitors to test the strength of their four-wheel drives while viewing various historical monuments and museums.

Hiking: The area has several hiking trails that traverse the diverse natural environment.

Archaeology And Palaeontology

Fish Traps: Ancient fish traps constructed by the Khoi-San people can still be seen today.

Middle Stone Age Artefacts: These artefacts can be viewed at the Tourism Bureau. They were found at the Blombos Caves. However the caves are not open to the public.

Fauna And Flora

Botanical Gardens and Pauline Bothnen Reserve: The reserve protects a wealth of fynbos and other indigenous plants.

Nature Reserves: There are a variety of nature reserves in the vicinity, such as Reins- and Geelkrans Nature Reserves.

Palinggat Fountain: Fresh-water eels are found in the waters of the fountain. They are tame and visitors can hand-feed them chicken livers. Specific feeding times have been established. Eels have inhabited the fountain for some 125 years.

Scenic Drives: There are various scenic driving routes along the coastline and inland. The River Route winds along the Gouka River and guarantees stunning views of green pastures and farms. The route also offers various attractions along the way, such as Hoekland, where one can view game, and Kandahar where lavender oil is extracted. Hiking routes are found on several farms.

Whale-watching: From June to October, whales frequent the waters along the coastline. The visits of these marine giants are a popular tourist attraction.

History And Architecture

Building styles: Buildings depicting various architectural styles are part of the town’s unique attraction. The fishermen’s village at Melkhoutfontein and two national monuments in the centre of town are good examples.

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