Sun City

Sun City

Although not really a town or a city, this pleasure resort deserves to be mentioned separately. The resort hotels of Sun City and the Palace of the Lost City support an economy and labour force equivalent to those of any large town. The resort is self-contained and provides lively entertainment for the whole family. The resort is near Rustenburg and frequent bus and air trips are conducted to and from Gauteng. It is also 10 km from Pilanesberg International Airport.

The Sun City resort includes the Palace of the Lost City, the Cabanas Hotel, the Cascades Hotel and the Sun City Hotel. Slot machines, blackjack, American roulette, poker, punto banco and baccarat tables are but some of the roads to fortune, that is to say if things go as planned! The impeccable detail, posh decor, professional croupiers and world-class standard machinery serve to make your visit even more pleasurable.

The Palace of the Lost City is the most recent addition to Sun City and is a fantasy come to life. The hotel and “Valley of Waves” have been designed to look like the recently discovered metropolis of some ancient civilisation. The 25 ha jungle offers many exploration paths which wind between water features and tropical plants, reinforcing the feeling of adventure and discovery. Watch out for the “Shrine of the Sacred Monkey”.

There is an African legend that tells the story of the “Valley of the Sun”, a magnificent city built by a tribe from northern Africa in an ancient crater. This proud people had to flee when an earthquake ruined their city, and all the wealth of their ingenious architecture, hospitality and love of nature were forever buried underneath the ancient layers of the earth. Today it has been “re-discovered” as the Lost City.

Adventure And Sport

Golf: The resort has two excellent golf courses, namely the Gary Player Golf Course and the Lost City Golf Course. The International Nedbank Two Million Dollar Golf Challenge is hosted annually at Sun City. This international golfing event draws top international players and many avid fans to Sun City during the hot month of December. Gary Player designed both the desert-style Lost City course and the Sun City course. A Putt-Putt course is also available for novices.

Cultural/Community Tourism

The Kora Awards: Ernest Adjovi started this pan-African internationally recognized music awards event in 1994. Held at the Sun City Superbowl, Kora firstly promotes African artists internationally and secondly aims to unite Africa and its Diaspora through music and the arts. The event produces a world-class television show that portrays Africa in a positive way.

Entertainment And Shopping

Adventure playground and putt-putt course: The adventure playground and putt-putt course keep the younger generation occupied while mom and dad try their luck in the casino.

Bridge of Time: The bridge links the hotel walkway with the Casino and the aspect that makes it worth a mention is the simulated earthquake that shakes the bridge every thirty minutes.

Miss South Africa Pageant: Sun City is also the proud host of the Miss South Africa Pageant, held annually in the Sun City Superbowl.

Valley of the Waves: The Valley of Waves uses the latest technology to create an “inland sea”, with perfect waves and a sandy beach. The Temple of Courage’s water chutes are only recommended for the very brave.

Fauna And Flora

Gardens of the Lost City: The 25 ha landscape contains 3 200 species of plants, some 1,6 million plants, including 4 000 fully grown trees such as jacarandas and baobabs. The different nurseries all have different themes, such as the Wet Tropical Forest, the Baobab Jungle, the Dwarf Rock Forest and the Orchid Forest.

Kwena Gardens Crocodile Paradise: The Crocodile Paradise near the entrance houses some 300 crocodiles of different sizes and ages. The famous “Footloose” Nile crocodile, (with a missing hind foot) weighs over 900 kg and is 120 years old. The features at the Crocodile Paradise, such as raised walkways, waterfalls and landscaped surroundings, make it one of the best crocodile parks in Southern Africa.

Lion Park: Do visit Sun City’s Lion Park where an ongoing breeding programme is in progress.

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