Reivilo is situated 100 km to the south-west of Vryburg on the Ghaap Plateau. The town was previously called Cathcart West and later “Klein Boetsap” (1890) before it was changed to Reivilo – Olivier spelt backwards. Rev AJ Olivier was the Dutch Reformed Minister at the time of the town’s establishment in 1883 as a […]


Taung which means “Place of the Lion”, was named in honour of Tau, chief of the Legoya or Bataung people. In 1924, the eyes of the world’s scientific community suddenly turned to this small village when a small skull, belonging to a hominid “Australopithecus Africanus” was found in the vicinity. The “southern ape of Africa” […]


In 1883, Vryburg became the capital of the Republic of Stellaland. The citizens called themselves “Vryburgers” (Free Citizens) – hence the name of the town. Vryburg (“Town of Liberty”) is the agricultural and industrial centre of the North West. The town annually hosts the country’s third largest agricultural show and the largest cattle sales in […]