Barkly West

This small town, barely 35 km from Kimberley already brings us face to face with the differences between town and city life. The town is largely made up of older buildings that are now used for more modern purposes and, should you choose to drive straight through, you could miss some of the unexpected treasures […]


Hartswater was established in 1984 to serve the northern section of the Vaalharts irrigation scheme. The abundance of water is apparent from far away as the fertile plant life covers the town and its surroundings in brilliant colour. Cuisine Langeberg Cooperative: This is a vegetable cooperative where visitors can learn about the vegetable dehydration process. […]

Jan Kempdorp

Originally having the more melodious name of Andalusia, the town was renamed in 1954 after Jan Kemp, the Minister of Agriculture at the time. The town lies in the centre of the Vaalharts Irrigation Scheme, the reason why the town and surrounding area are so green. Fauna and Flora Ganspan Nature Reserve: The reserve lies […]


Kimberley, the capital of the Northern Cape, is also often called the Diamond Capital of the World. Without the frenzied pace of larger cities, this city offers the lessons learned from the past, the convenience of modern facilities and the promise of a bright future, as its people rally round to ensure its growth and […]

Modder River

This historic town lies near the confluence of the Riet and Modder Rivers and has seen much action. It was the site of a major battle fought between the Boers and the British on 28 November 1899, during the Anglo-Boer War. A British blockhouse that was built to guard the railway bridge can still be […]


At first, the area was used to plant crops to feed the diamond diggers in other areas. However, activities quickly changed when diamonds were also discovered here in 1888. Mining continued until 1926, but the present-day Warrenton is an important railway station that serves as the junction for the Cape-Zimbabwe and Cape-Gauteng lines. The town […]


Starting out with the noblest of intentions, to mine for the souls of people, the Hebron Mission station was quickly overrun by diggers when diamonds were found here. The missionaries left and the town grew from the diggers’ camp in the area. Windsor was the surname of the original owner of the land. The area […]