The discovery of the natural harbour of Durban dates back to Christmas Day 1497, when passing Portuguese seafarers named it “Rio de Natal” (the River of Christmas). In 1823, a European trader Henry Fynn and his party became the first white people to settle in the area. Until that time, the only people in the […]


The name of this quiet little town is derived from the Zulu term for a specific species of wild tobacco that once grew here. Adventure And Sport Beaches: Sunbathers and swimmers thoroughly enjoy the golden beaches of the town, the wide lagoon at the river mouth and the rock-enclosed tidal pool.


Umhlanga obtained its name from the Nguni-language tribes who referred to this seaside playground as “The Place of Reeds”. The Nguni-language tribes later become united as the proud Zulu nation. Umhlanga is a popular holiday destination that welcomes visitors to their shores with true hospitality. Adventure And Sport Angling: There are many beautiful angling spots […]

Valley of a 1000 Hills

One of the region’s most striking natural features, the Valley of a 1000 Hills follows the Umgeni River for 65 km, from the flat-topped sandstone hill east of Pietermaritzburg dubbed, Natal Table Mountain, to the Indian Ocean. The valley is utilised to the full by locals and visitors who want to immerse themselves in the […]


Upon tasting the waters of a nearby river, Shaka, the warrior king of the Zulus, declared, “Kanti Amanzi Mtoto”, which means “indeed the waters are sweet”. Unwittingly, he provided the ideal name for this beautiful and popular holiday destination. For decades this beautiful region was incorporated within a colonial-decreed “Native Reserve” until 1928 when it […]