Alberton, a large commercial, industrial and suburban town lies some 15 km southeast of Johannesburg, on the banks of the Natalspruit (river) The town was founded in 1904. Although the town cannot lay claim to any gold mines, many industries that supported the mining industry developed here and were responsible for the fast growth of […]


In 1881, when Benoni was established, the surveyor-general, who had the task of assigning the title deeds to all unclaimed government land found his task very challenging owing to the irregular shape of the land. At his wit’s end, he named the new town Ben-Oni, a Hebrew word from Genesis, the first book of the […]


The name Brakpan means “Brackish Water” and refers to a pan of brackish water on the outskirts of the town. However, the town’s real claim to fame – “Superdump”, the highest mine dump in the world -towers above the town on the Johannesburg/Witwatersrand skyline. This dump has the distinction of being higher than any of […]


In 1903, Cornish miners, locally referred to as “Cousin Jacks”, made their home around the old Rietfontein (“Reed Fountain”) Gold Mine. The settlement grew into the present-day Edenvale, a large town that is made even more pleasant by the many parks and historical homes. Modderfontein is the industrial area that adjoins Edenvale. Art And Crafts […]


Germiston’s history started when a gold prospector, John Jack, discovered gold on the farm Elandsfontein. He and his partner August Simmer promptly bought the farm and started mining. Jack was born on a farm called Germiston, near Glasgow in Scotland, and he named the town that grew up next to the gold mine after his […]


This beautiful old town, widely regarded as the most beautiful town in the Gauteng region, lies at the foot of the Suikerbosrand (“Sugar Bush Ridge”). The Blesbokspruit meanders through the town, supporting dense stands of trees in its flood plain. The town started life in 1862 as a trading post built by a German, H […]

Kempton Park

p>In 1903, Karl Wolff subdivided one section of his farm into residential stands and called the village Kempten, after the town in Bavaria where he was born. The English version of the name, Kempton Park, only came into use later. Kempton Park is strategically situated near the Johannesburg International Airport, at the centre of the […]


In 1886, when gold was found on the farm Varkensfontein, the owner of the farm, Petrus Marais, was reading Sir Walter Scott’s “The Fortunes of Nigel”. Marais became a major shareholder in the Nigel Gold Mining Company and many of the street names of the town that subsequently developed around the mine were also taken […]


The town was proclaimed in 1904 after coal had been discovered in the area. Six coal mines were soon opened but the coal proved to be of inferior quality, prone to spontaneous combustion. Fortunately, the discovery of gold saved the “one-horse” town, which until then consisted of a few corrugated iron cottages, some general stores […]