Arlington started off as an important rail link between the towns of Lindley and Senekal, but it soon became an independent town serving a self-sufficient farming community. Adventure And Sport Angling and water sport: The Piekniekdraai Resort Dam is a popular water sport and angling venue. Horse-riding: Horse-riding is a popular pastime and on 16 […]


This town, set among waving fields of grain, is the commercial centre of the Eastern Free State and dates from 1864. The Bethlehem region produces some 65 per cent of South Africa’s wheat crop. The name, Bethlehem, is derived from the Hebrew word “Beit Lechem”, which means “House of Bread”. The Jordaan (Jordan) River flows […]


This picturesque little town, “The Jewel of the Free State”, nestles snugly against the foothills of the sandstone Rooiberge (“Red Mountains”) and is protectively surrounded by the mighty Maluti Mountains. It was established in 1912 and named after the Swiss town where President Paul Kruger spent his last days in voluntary exile after the Anglo-Boer […]


This area, overshadowed by the 1 820 m high Hlohlowane Mountain, was first named Hlohlowane – “Ridge of the Battle” – by its Basotho inhabitants but, when they were driven out of the area in the early 1800s, the new inhabitants mispronounced the name, and it became Clocolan. The town is located in an area […]


This small rural town was founded in 1875 and named after Cornelia, the wife of a former president of the Free State, Francis Reitz. The town is renowned throughout the Free State Province for its archaeological significance and its rich fossil sites. Archaeology And Palaeontology Fossil Site: One of the most significant fossil sites in […]


Ficksburg is a beautiful town situated on the west bank of the Caledon River at the foot of Imperani Mountain. The earliest inhabitants of the Ficksburg area were San hunter-gatherers, followed by the Tlokwa people. The Reverend James Allison, a Methodist Missionary, was the first European to settle in the area in 1834, closely followed […]


Fouriesburg was established in 1892 on land donated to the Orange Free State Government by one “Rooi” Stoffel Fourie. During the Anglo-Boer War the town was the seat of the Orange Free State Government for a few months. The modest house in which President Steyn lived during this period can still be seen. The town’s […]


The Reverend JD Kestell, a well-known churchman of the time, founded this small town in 1905. Although Kestell was the son of an 1820 British settler he identified himself completely with the faith and the people of his Afrikaans mother. He became a prominent figure in Afrikaans-speaking church, educational and cultural circles and one of […]


This small town on the banks of the Vals River, named after the missionary David Lindley, was founded in 1875. A weir built across the river has created a five-km stretch of fairly deep water that is ideal for angling, boating and swimming and the lovely camping and picnic spots set out on the willow-lined […]