Wilderness is a bustling little holiday town, surrounded by rolling green coastal hills and ensconced between the beautiful Touws River Lagoon and a magnificent sandy beach. A string of six lakes, stretching for over 40 km along the coast from the Wilderness to the Goukamma River valley, forms the backbone of the Wilderness Lake Area, […]


The quiet small town of Stilbaai is also known amongst the locals as the “Bay of Sleeping Beauty”. This is another of those names that stimulate the imagination to speculate about its origins. The answer to this puzzle may be quite simple and it probably simply refers to the natural beauty of the town’s setting […]


On the eastern banks of Swartvlei lies the popular resort town of Sedgefield. The area is endowed with many lakes that provide homes to many species of birds. The town is situated between George and Knysna and has many and varied natural attractions. Adventure And Sport Angling, hiking: Groenvlei Lake is known as a good […]


This small town was established in 1838 and named for Harry Rivers, the Civil Commissioner of the Swellendam District. It lies about 40 km from the coast at Stilbaai and near the Langeberg Mountains. The mountains and beaches offer lovely scenery and opportunities for relaxation. Riversdale is a floral paradise and has a wealth of […]

Plettenberg Bay

The attractive upmarket holiday destination of Plettenberg Bay is characterised by long stretches of sandy beaches and safe swimming waters. The beauty of the rocky coastline, the lagoon and the ancient forests add to the area’s popularity. The bay was named Bahia Formosa (“Beautiful Bay”) by a Portugese navigator in 1576. Almost 200 years later, […]

Nature’s Valley

Close your eyes and conjure up a picture of a place your imagination would name Nature’s Valley. If you see a valley ringed by mountains and surrounded by forest, covered in lush trees and plants, you are not far off. This captivating village with its homes hidden among the trees overlooks a sandy beach and […]

Mossel Bay

The Portuguese navigator Bartholomeu Diaz made his first African landing at Mossel Bay in 1488. He was the first known European to land on South African soil and the first meeting between Europeans and Africans occurred at Mossel Bay when Diaz encountered the ancient Khoisan people. The first trading between Europeans and Africans occurred at […]


Knysna, a very popular holiday destination, is a small town with distinctive old-world charm. It also grew from the timber trade and was founded at the beginning of the nineteenth century by George Rex, reputed to be the son of the British King, George III, from his secret marriage to Hannah Lightfoot. Knysna lies among […]


This small town lies on the banks of a tranquil river and the slopes of the Langeberg. The town dates back to 1855 and supports the farming-orientated community that produces mainly wheat, wool and citrus fruits. Adventure And Sport Angling: The mouth of the Breede River provides heavenly conditions for anglers and is also a […]


This is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the Garden Route Region and is known for its beautiful beaches, calm surf and the beauty of its fynbos. Entertainment And Shopping ATKV Holiday Resort: The resort has modern facilities amid a lovely setting of fynbos and untamed nature. History And Architecture Hartenbos Museum: The […]