The name Midrand describes the location of this dynamic development that grew up next to the N1 freeway, halfway between Pretoria and Johannesburg. Although the initial developments were industrial and commercial, many people now choose to live in this convenient location. It is also a convenient location for conference centres. People who work and/or live […]


Alexandra, situated some 5 km east of Sandton, started life as a township in 1905 and was initially established to house black people exclusively. It was one of the few townships where black people could own property. Many musicians and artists lived here at one time or another. They included internationally famous names such as […]


Johannesburg, also referred to as “Egoli” (Zulu for “Place of Gold”), is perched on the 80-km long Witwatersrand ridge. It is a cosmopolitan city, home to all the diverse groupings that constitute the South African people. It is also the largest city in South Africa, the third largest in Africa, and the commercial, financial and […]


Randburg is a relatively young but rapidly growing urban and business development area, just northwest of Johannesburg. It is a popular area for young couples to build their careers and make their homes. Adventure And Sport Golf: The Randpark Golf Club has the largest membership in the country and, with 36 holes, is also one […]


Sandton is an upper class suburb of Johannesburg, one of the “7 habitats of highly effective people”, as cleverly described by an estate agent. Only fifteen years ago, this area in northern Johannesburg was open land inhabited by estate owners. Today, the landscape has completely changed. Shopping is a luxurious experience, with world-class hotels within […]


Soweto, once South Africa’s biggest and most famous township is now a bustling growing metropolis with its own unique character. It lies south­west of Johannesburg. During the 1976 student uprising this township received much international media coverage and it has therefore become a popular tourist destination. Johannesburg and Soweto are bound by an economic umbilical […]